Olga Zarr, CEO of SEOSLY.

SEO is what keeps me going. SEO is my life and my biggest passion. 

Founder and CEO of SEOSLY, entrepreneur, and author.

SEOSLY is the culmination of Olga’s passion for SEO and her determination to share SEO knowledge. 

It is an SEO blog that provides invaluable, in-depth tutorials, guides, and articles about SEO, drawing from her decade-long experience. 

Olga’s love for SEO is profound, and her hunger for SEO knowledge is insatiable.

  • Created SEOSLY in 2020.
  • In SEO since 2012.
  • Loves sharing her knowledge and experience with others.
  • Known for in-depth SEO guides.
  • Very experienced in SEO audits.
  • In 2022, Olga became an independent SEO consultant.


I am the CEO of SEOSLY,  a pandemic project that turned out into my full-time SEO consulting business. I specialize in SEO auditing, on-page SEO, lawyer SEO, website migrations, and technical SEO.

Companies & Brands Olga Cooperated With.

I have a very diverse experience in SEO. My first job was in SEO so I can say that my whole professional life was devoted to SEO. 

Here are some companies and brands I had worked with over the last 10 years:

  • Procter & Gamble, LG, Ikea, Samsung, and more. 
  • Performance Media (the biggest SEO agency in Poland) where worked up to the level of SEO expert doing SEO training for the entire company and doing the most advanced SEO audits. 
  • VoIPStudio (my in-house SEO role which let me realize that I am not an in-house type of SEO)
  • Market JD (a Chicago-based lawyer marketing agency that let me realize that I want to follow the path of an independent SEO consultant)
  • Ankin Law (where I totally transformed the site’s poor SEO) and lots of other lawyer websites
  • And a lot more!


I publish a lot of in-depth and very detailed SEO papers like the one about SEO audits. I publish articles on famous SEO blogs like Search Engine Journal. 

Podcast Host.

I am the host of a popular SEO podcast called the SEO Podcast by #SEOSLY where I interview prominent SEO experts and share my thoughts and insights on SEO. Some of my former guests include Lily Ray, Jason Barnard, Mordy Oberstein, Crystal Carter, and more. Big names are coming to the podcast soon!

SEO Newsletter.

I send out a weekly SEO newsletter called SEO Newsletter by #SEOSLY where I share the latest SEO news & tips. I have 5000+ subscribers. 

SEO Mentor.

I am an SEO mentor helping people starting out in SEO to improve their career and accelerate it. 


I run the SEOSLY YouTube channel where I talk all about SEO. 

Olga Zarr SEO YouTube Channel

Podcast Guest.

I am often invited to various SEO podcasts where I geek out about SEO. Some examples include Crawling Mondays by Aleyda Solis, Duda, Rankable Podcast, SEO Rant, SEO Video Show, Majestic SEO Podcast, Edge of the Web, Kalicube Tuesdays, 

Olga Zarr Podcast Guest


I’ve been running for 15 years. At one point, I contemplated transitioning to a professional running career. However, my passion for SEO prevailed, and now running serves as my means to enhance productivity and maintain sanity after spending long hours in front of the computer, often exceeding 12 hours a day.

Pigeon Lover.

Pigeons are my third biggest passion. I am the owner of a pet pigeon (rescued baby pigeon) who is helping me on a daily basis as my SEO assistant.  

Olga Zarr's SEO assistant Gerard

Computer Geek.

I’ve been a computer geek since the day I got my first computer (around 1995). Since then, I have been constantly doing all sorts of stuff with computers. I created my first website in 2000. 

Olga Zarr's SEO Projects